Every quarter, selected individuals travel on a trip with Wilbert Wynnberg where they get up close with him. Not only do they travel around and have good food, the trip also include a session where they will visit the orphanage or similar.. They will also meet successful entrepreneurs.

Till date, more than 150 have participated in our Travel & Learn. These 4D3N Travel & Learn is suitable for those who look to make some meaningful connection and learning over the weekend.


"In my 5 years of creating a multi-million dollar business, I've learnt to be picky with the seminars and business trips I attend.

What I love about the recent Travel & Learn Overseas Trip and Think Act Prosper (TAP) Seminar in Bangkok is that Wilbert and his team of speakers will challenge the way you think about wealth, abundance and entrepreneurship. And in that, will have you SPEED UP actualizing the goals you desire.

It's not just about the "how to" of creating the wealth you want, but the work starts from within - what you intentionally choose to focus on, your beliefs and being audacious despite fears.

Wilbert and team does a world class job. Two thumbs up - you CANNOT afford to miss." - Faith Teo, Singapore


For more information, simple email to with the subject as 'Travel & Learn'.